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Kallop Sound Solutions is a proud provider of world-class leading Danley Sound Labs audio gear. Delivering pristine clarity alongside some of the worlds most powerful subwoofers, the Danley experience is the bar for high fidelity point source audio. Entrusted to provide audio for millions of attendees at Disney Theme Parks, Cruise Ships, Resorts, NFL Arenas, College Football Stadiums, Houses of Worship, Live Music Venues and more, Danley Sound Labs is the premier choice for live audio applications around the world. 


Kallop Sound Solutions is a complete audio rental house providing all services required for live music including DJ decks and mixer, microphones for vocals and instruments, front of house mixing console, Earthworks measurement microphone for system and room tuning, live event recording, and more.  Kallop Sound Solutions is a certified Danley Rental Partner as well as fully insured.


“Complete audio rental house.”

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